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Durable Storm Panels in West Palm Beach, FL

The Screen Shop Inc offers high-quality storm panels.

Protect Your Doors and Windows during a Hurricane

For your home to be protected from a hurricane, the most important parts of the house to protect are the doors and the windows. If the doors or windows burst open or are shattered by flying debris, your house could be in serious trouble. The pressure change causes the wind to swiftly enter your home, and it could literally blow the roof of your house.

Storm Panels as Protection

One of the best protections that you can get from hurricane-force winds is storm panels. Storm panels are moveable panels that cover your windows and doors before a storm hits. The panels must be manually pulled out when a storm hits, but they provide the best protection and can enhance the look and feel of your home.

The Best Protection

Since we are a family-owned and operated business, we care about our customers. We want you to have the best protection possible, which is why we provide the best possible storm panels for you. We provide three types of panels that you can have installed: accordion shutters, aluminum coverings and clear panels.

Accordion Shutters

As our most-requested option, accordion shutters are shutters that can be pulled in and out. These shutters have the look and feel of real house shutters and provide strong protection against hurricane winds.

Aluminum Coverings

Aluminum coverings work a lot like accordion shutters. You can scrunch them up when not in use and pull them out when a hurricane warning goes out. The aluminum material provides a strong shield against the debris that will be flying around during a storm.

Clear Panels

Clear panels are clear and make your door look like it’s protected by a force field. These are the best coverings if you want to still see the door or window behind them.

Repairs and Installations

We provide excellent repair work and installation of storm panels. If your storm panels have been damaged or need to be installed, contact us for professional-level work.

Call for a Free Estimate

With over 30 years of experience, we are the best choice to talk to when you need new storm panels or your current storm panels repaired. Call us for a free estimate: (561) 842-0788.

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