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Screen Services in West Palm Beach, FL

The Screen Shop Inc offers high-quality screen enclosures.
Screens are hard to deal with in the Florida weather. Sometimes they can become ripped and frayed just through daily use. That’s why we provide screen maintenance and repair along with customized screens built to last.

Screen Repair

When your screen door or window becomes damaged, bring it into our parts department and we can work with you to repair or replace them.

Customized Screens

If you have a specific type of screen door in mind for your home, we make customized screen doors in our local shop. This means that we’ll be able to work with you through the entire process of getting you your screen door. Because we are local, you’ll also get it faster than any other service. Our customized screen doors are high quality and durable, built for the Florida weather.

The Most Accurate Quote

Another great thing about being local is the exactness of our quotes. Our estimator does the measurements on your actual door in order to provide the most accurate quote. This helps in the long run since you know how much to plan for.

Contact Us for a Free Estimate

We love to help you in making your decision to repair screens or buy new ones. We provide you with a free estimate so you can have all the information available to you before you make a decision. Call us for your free estimate at (561) 842-0788.

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