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Impact Windows in West Palm Beach, FL

The Screen Shop Inc provides high-quality impact windows.

Why Impact Windows?

Living in Florida means that we live in hurricane territory. When a hurricane hits, the winds are strong enough to throw debris around at high speeds. This debris can strike your window or door and break it. This causes the wind to then enter your home. If the pressure is strong enough, the wind coming in through a broken window or door can literally blow the roof of your house.
When it comes to your home, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Impact windows keep your home safe and protected from the storm.

The Right Impact Window for You

We want you to have the best impact windows. That’s why we work with many different vendors to determine the price and style that’s right for you. 

Our Vendors Are Trusted and Experienced

For over three decades, we’ve been building relationships with trusted and experienced vendors in order to provide you with the best impact windows. We work with PGT, Southeastern Door Company and Innovative Window Concepts in order to provide the best impact windows and screen doors possible.

Custom-Made Just for You

Along with manufactured variety impact windows, we provide customized impact windows and doors, as well as sliding and front doors. We want your house to be as unique as you are. Speak with us about the custom-make that is perfect for you.

Protected against the Outside

Impact windows provide hurricane protection, sound protection and insulation. If you want to be protected from the outside elements and disruptions, impact windows and doors are the best options for you.

Installation and Repair

We don’t just sell you on the best impact window or door for you; we install and repair them too. Our hope is to make sure you are completely cared for and have the best experience getting your new impact windows or doors and repairing the ones you already have.

Get a Free Estimate

Whether you need a new impact window or door, or if you need your impact window or door repaired, contact us today to get a free estimate. With over 30 years of experience and the cheapest prices on the block, you’ll be able to get the best impact window service from us. We promise.