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Tips for Screen Door Maintenance

Securing Your Home: Tips for Screen Door Maintenance

A view through a well-cleaned and neat screen door.

Window Repair and Replacement in Lake Park, Florida

If you have a desire to make sure your home stays secure while simultaneously enjoying some wonderful outside atmosphere, installing a screen door can be an excellent decision. It might also serve as a layer of protection for your front door, but even though modern screen doors are build to be strong and resilient, there are still steps you need to take to guarantee they remain that way.
Below, you'll find some suggestions for maintaining your home's screen door. A new entryway can represent a substantial investment, so if you want to maximize your return, it's important that you take responsibility for your end of the arrangement. Following these suggestions can help to make sure your door performs up to expectations, and can allow you to enjoy those cool breezes without any of the associated worries.

Repair Work

With over 30 years of experience, we’ve seen it all when it comes to window accidents. We can repair windows that have been broken by a loose baseball or from a powerful gust from a hurricane. In our repair work, we want you to be satisfied, so we use high quality glass to ensure that your window will be better than when we found it.

Thorough Cleaning

Even people who keep extremely tidy homes may neglect to consider the amount of dirt and debris that builds up inside their door frame. This may seem like an obvious point of trouble given the frequency of traffic, but since it's all but impossible to access the interior of the frame when the door is shut, it's easy to understand how it may fall below notice.
Rather than allowing yourself to fall into that trap, you should take preventative steps that can help eliminate jams and damage caused by large dirt particles and other irritants. Laying a weatherproof door mat outside your screen door may be one good place to start, as it should encourage people to wipe off loose debris before passing through your screen door.
Wiping feet, however, won't eliminate the dust and dirt that may be blowing in the air, and it won't help to clean any buildup which may already exist. Make sure to add your door frames to your regular vacuuming plan, and consider seeking out an appropriate cleaning product for scrubbing away stubborn spots.

Regular Lubrication

Even if you act to remove dirt from your door frame, you may still be facing a door that's resistant to moving or even struggles to latch completely. This can pose an obvious security concern, but might also risk damaging your door if it's caught by wind or even an unexpected push and finally shakes itself loose.
Like any other component of your home that involves regular metal on metal contact, your screen door may be subject to damage caused by friction. Over time, regular wear and tear can affect a variety of metal surfaces and risk bent parts and other serious problems.
By regularly lubricating both the hinges and the latch of your door, you can be sure that it will operate up to your standards. Consult with your door installer to receive a recommendation for a lubricant that can stand up to your environment.


Ultimately, it may be difficult to avoid installing a new screen to restore your storm door to its full potential. If your door suffers contact damage or the screen begins to slacken and fall out of its frame, it can be difficult to achieve the tight and flush performance you may previously have enjoyed.
A loose screen is an insecure screen, representing an opportunity for insects or even unwanted persons to push through and gain access to your home. Scheduling a re-screening can allow you to preserve the structure of your door while quickly restoring it to it's original specifications.
The Screen Shop is well equipped to assist you with this and many other tasks. Keeping up with your maintenance can guarantee that you receive the performance you desire, and can leave you with a strong and functioning screen door for many years to come.