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Making an Enclosed Space for Your Pet With Screening

Pet with Space Screening

Outdoor screens are an excellent way to enclose space for a family pet. Dogs, cats, and even birds love to see the outdoors, but the world outside can be dangerous. Whether you're worried about a dog burrowing under a fence or a cat simply jumping over the gate, an enclosure is the best way to keep your pet safe.

Build Dog Runs With Screening

Patio screening can be used to make dog runs around your yard and home. A dog run is an area large enough that dogs can run back and forth while still being enclosed for protection. Often, a dog run has a pet door into the house.

This keeps the dogs occupied throughout the day without an owner having to worry about their having free reign of the backyard. Backyards can be dangerous even when enclosed: dogs can dig under fences, climb over gates, or eat things thrown over the fence.

For very large dogs, the walls of an enclosure may need to be made out of chain link, with heavy-duty screen across the top to ensure that they don't jump out. But for most dogs, heavy-duty screen alone should be enough to keep them safe inside an enclosed yard.

Create a Cat Enclosure

Cat enclosures are a popular use of heavy-duty screening. A cat enclosure lets cats sun themselves, watch birds, and generally experience the outdoors without danger. Many cats hate being inside, and are truly outdoor cats. But outdoor cats don't live as long as indoor cats for obvious reasons: cars and predators are both dangerous.

Cats require both physical and mental stimulation to be healthy and happy. A cat that doesn't get enough mental stimulation may become withdrawn or begin destroying things. Cat enclosures provide both types of stimulation, even when an owner is away from home.

Cat enclosures can be made out of old, unused patios or built from scratch, and an enclosure can connect to an exterior window to make it easier for cats to get in. Cat enclosures can also be filled with activities, such as posts to climb and suspended toys.

Make Enclosures for Small Animals

Small pets, such as ferrets and rats, also enjoy enclosures. Interior enclosures can be built to make it easier for small animals to experience a variety of environments while still being safe. These attractive enclosures can be run near the ceiling or in specific rooms.

Some animals even prefer living outside. Ferrets and rabbits can be moved to outdoor screened-in hutches in areas where the weather is nice, and they may prefer a home outside in the fresh air rather than inside. 

Animals such as sugar gliders, rats, and rabbits may need screened enclosures that are large and customized. Screening can also be used to build bird enclosures so your birds can experience the outdoors without potentially flying away or getting attacked by larger predators.

For more intelligent birds, such as parrots, an outdoor enclosure can be the perfect way to keep them engaged and interested in their surroundings. Enclosures can also be built in the home to keep birds with the family without the risk of uncontrolled mess.

There are many different types of screen, ranging from the traditional, light screening that's used on windows to heavier, stronger screening that can be used for pets. Creating a pet enclosure is a good way to keep your pet active and happy while also reducing the potential for mess and destruction around your home. Contact the experts at The Screen Shop Inc. for more information about screens and to get a quote for screens for your home.