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Impact Windows and Their Unique Advantages

While the Palm Beach County is in the process of spending $100 million dollars to clean up debris and repair damage caused by Hurricane Irma, thankfully, most homes in the county experienced little damage. However, the next hurricane that hits the county could cause extensive damage to homes, and you want to take every step you can to protect your home from hurricane damage. 
One way to protect your home from extreme weather is to install impact windows. These windows offer many additional advantages that benefit you and your family year-round. Learn about how impact windows are constructed and the unique advantages they have over standard home windows. 
Materials in Impact Windows
Impact windows, often called hurricane windows or laminated windows, come in three main varieties. All are made by sandwiching a special polyvinyl membrane between two layers of glass. This membrane can be made of polyvinyl butyral, polyvinyl butyral with PET, or a liquid resin laminate. 
While your window professional can guide you to the type of impact window best for your home, each offers the unique advantage of wind resistance of up to 200 mph along with many additional benefits. 
Home Protection During Hurricanes and Other Storms
Many homeowners do not realize that when a window breaks during a hurricane, not only does the home become vulnerable to the entry of water and debris through the window, but the broken window also creates an imbalance in the air pressure inside and outside of your home. This pressure imbalance can create an environment where damage to all structures of your home can occur more easily.
Because impact windows can withstand wind speeds of up to 200 mph, many people who live in hurricane-prone areas of the country opt to install these windows in their homes. In fact, impact windows are now tested by The American Society for Testing and Materials to ensure they withstand category 5 wind conditions.
While impact windows can break, the laminate holds them in one piece. This feature cannot only protect your home from outside weather and air pressure imbalances, but this also protects your family from the health hazards of shattered glass flying through your home. 
While hurricane shutters can be added on top of these windows to increase protection during hurricanes, many homeowners find that they do not need to top impact windows with shutters. 
Burglary Resistance
Many burglars gain entry into homes by smashing glass windows and then entering through the windows. Traditional windows can typically be broken easily. However, while impact windows are not unbreakable, their shards are held together by their laminate membranes.
Even when the windows are broken, this membrane still acts as a barrier against intruders who often turn the other way when they realize that they cannot gain the easy entry into a home they expected. 
Added Home Insulation
When you live in sunny Florida, you want to take all the steps you can to keep home cooling costs down in the summer. The good news is that impact windows insulate your home more effectively than traditional windows, which can help lower your home cooling bills. 
The layer of lamination in between the window glass panes helps insulate your home more thoroughly than window glass alone. In addition, most impact windows block 99 percent of the sun's UV rays, which can keep your home cooler in the summer, protect your furnishings from UV fading, and shield your family's skin from the detriments of the sun. 
Contact The Screen Shop Inc for help choosing the right impact windows and doors for your home and to learn more about their unique benefits.