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How to Keep Sand Flies Out of Your House

The coast of Florida is home to many different animals, birds and insects. Some of these creatures can invade your home through damaged screened windows and doors, including sand flies. Once the pests do enter your home, they can annoy, aggravate and sometimes bite the people inside it.
The helpful information and tips below can help you keep sand flies out of your home.
Why Sand Flies Are Dangerous
Although over 40 different species of sand flies live in Florida, only a few bite or irritate humans. These pests usually frequent or inhabit the state's coastal areas, beaches, and other areas with water, mud, and decaying plants. Sand Flies use tiny mouthparts to penetrate your skin and blood vessels, which allows them to feed off your blood.
Sand flies use special chemicals to numb your skin, so you won't feel it when the pests bite you. This chemical allows the flies to feed on you, undisturbed and undetected. You might see a dark speck on your skin once a sand fly lands on you. But if you brush your hand across your skin, the speck will suddenly disappear.
Sand flies can carry and pass along parasites and diseases to humans. If you do experience a bite, your skin may itch or develop small bumps. The bumps can turn red or become infected. You should monitor the bite sites for swelling and pain. If you experience these symptoms, seek medical care. 
One of the most effective ways to keep biting midges out the house is to replace your window and door screens.
How to Secure Your Home
Sand flies generally stay outside the house. But if the opportunity arises, the pests can invade your personal space by crawling, flying or darting through torn, ripped or rotted window and door screens. The tiny pests are virtually invisible to the naked eye, so you probably won't see them as they enter your home.
You want to inspect the screens on your windows and doors. Look for tears and any other problems that could allow pests to enter the house. If the problems are small, you may be able to patch or cover them temporarily with a repair kit. If the damage is great, go ahead and replace the screens now.
Contact a window and door specialist to replace your screens. You could do the job yourself, but you want to use replacements that keep sand flies out of the house permanently. A contractor can help you customize the screens, especially your door screens. Sand Flies can frequent high-traffic areas like your doors.
The openings on your screens should be smaller than sand flies. A contractor will be able to provide what the right type of screen, so make your needs known to them right away. It will make the process quicker for you.
Finally, if you have a screened or enclosed porch attached to your home, check those screens for wear, tear and other damages. Pests can invade these places and enter your home once you open a door or window. Some contractors can replace porch screens with glass, so consider this option when you seek services.
After you secure your windows and doors, clean up your property. Remove all signs of moisture or decaying matter from around your home, including old potting plants and muddy water. Pests can use these things to lay eggs during the year. If necessary, contact a pest control company have them treat your property.
You can learn more about keeping your home free of insects by contacting The Screen Shop Inc for an appointment. We can inspect your windows and doors and give you an estimate of the costs and time to replace them.