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Reliable Hurricane Protection in West Palm Beach, FL

The Screen Shop Inc offers hurricane protection to help protect your loved ones.

Hurricanes are a Fact of Life

Welcome to Florida where hurricanes are a fact of life! Year after year, Florida is hit with the forceful winds of a hurricane. With each passing year, you need continually safeguard your home from the potential damages that come with the passing of these massive storms. Luckily, there are some things that you can do, and that we can help you do, in order to make your home ready for the next hurricane.

We Work with You

First and foremost, know that we work with you to find the best possible protection strategy for your home. We’ll discuss with you the options that your home has for your protection, and we’ll get you the best prices on the block for it. With over 30 years of experience, we have the connections to make preparing your home for the storms a great process.

Options for Protection

When it comes to your protection, you have options. From impact windows to hurricane panels, we provide you with a variety of options so you can get the best one to match your house and situation.

Impact Windows

Impact windows are specially made windows that have a heavier material placed between the glass so that the glass doesn’t break when impacted. These provide protection within your actual walls or doors, while simultaneously offering options that can help you control the environment of your home along with protection from harmful UV rays.

Hurricane Panels

Hurricane panels are retractable panels that provide an exoskeleton to protect your windows. These panels come in accordion, aluminum and plastic. These panels slide into place and then are secured with wing nuts in order to provide the best protection possible.

Contact Us for a Free Estimate

We provide free estimates on all of our services. Call us today at (561) 842-0788 to talk more about how we can protect your home from hurricanes.